Ten Takeaways From Vikings Preseason Game Two Against The 49ers

August 22, 2022

The Vikings did not play many starters in the Preseason game on Saturday, so we were able to see a lot from the young players. I was able to attend the game in-person and here’s what I noticed!

Notes On Vikings’ Rookies

Akayleb Evans, Cornerback, Missouri

Akayleb Evans is a great tackler. He was making plays all over the field. When he latched onto an opponent, he did not let go. It’s always great to see a cornerback who isn’t afraid of contact.

Brian Asamoah, Linebacker, Oklahoma

Asamoah is tearing it up at all levels of the field. It is still weird seeing somebody other than Dalvin Cook where #33 but Asamoah is every bit as much of a stud as the reports make him out to be. He was dominating the Offensive Line to make run stops and made some nice tackles along the way. He also provided decent pass coverage on several plays.

Ty Chandler, Running Back, North Carolina

Ty Chandler is as good or even better than advertised. Great vision, speed, power and catching ability. From what I had heard about him, I was expecting him to be a smaller, shiftier back. He is shifty but he actually has some bulk to him too. Excited to see what he can bring to this offense this season.

Nick Muse, Tight End, South Carolina

Nick Muse is looking like a much more viable receiving option than Zach Davidson. Muse made several nice catches throughout the course of the game and was even able to tack on some yardage after the catch. Davidson on the other hand, consistently struggled to catch the ball at all. It made me nervous when I saw either of the QBs targeting him.


T.Y. McGill’s sack celebration is epic. It is just him making a “T” and a “Y” with his arms and body but I loved it and it really got the crowd going everytime he did it. 

Even during a second preseason game with nothing on the line, US Bank Stadium was electric. Some fans were even throwing paper airplanes, especially towards the end of the game.

Brock Purdy was picking apart the Vikings defense towards the end of the 2nd quarter. He was throwing dimes left and right and really tearing up the coverage.

Harrison Hand made a couple of good plays to keep the 9ers out of the end zone at the end of the 2nd quarter. This could at least keeping him from being in the second round of cuts, still do not know if he makes the 53 man roster with the players that are ahead of him currently though. 

Vikings defense couldn’t get a stop in the middle part of the 3rd quarter to almost the end of the 3rd. There were times where the defense shined and looked amazing but for the most part they looked a bit lackluster and could not consistently stop the 49ers at any point of the game.

Mond was going to throw the pass to Nailor towards the end of the game basically no matter what. Didn’t see the safety coming over to pick it off and it did not seem like he was even trying to make any reads on the play. He had decided that he was going to throw it to Nailor even though Nailor was double or even triple covered by the time the ball got there.

Overall, the Vikings looked pretty sloppy in this game. They were not able to get anything consistently going on offense and they could not consistently stop the 49ers on defense. There were a few bright spots that I mentioned but overall it was not a good showing for the Vikings. It was a particularly disappointing outing for Mannion and Mond who are supposed to be battling it out for the QB2 spot.