Minnesota Vikings Trade Down

April 28, 2022

The Vikings have several needs going into the 2022 NFL draft so it was expected that they would try to trade down. And trade down they did. The Vikings trade down sent the #12 pick overall and #46 to the Detroit Lions for their #32, #34, and #66 picks. Kwesi Adofo-Mensah pulled the trigger on his first trade.

How Does The Vikings Trade Down Value Breakdown?

Jimmy Johnson Trade Chart

The Vikings’ total points according to the Jimmy Johnson trade chart equals 1640 points for the #12 and #46 picks. The chart indicates the Lions’ #2,#34, and #66 are worth 1410. According to the Jimmy Johnson chart, the Lions come out ahead by 230 points or the equivalent of a third-round pick in value.

Fitzgerald-Spielberger Chart

According to this chart, the value of the Vikings’ picks in the trade is 2801 points. The value of the picks the Lions gave up in the trade is 3349 points. So according to this chart, the Vikings won the trade by 548 points or the value of a late fourth or early fifth-round pick.

Rich Hill Chart

The Rich Hill Chart has the Vikings picks worth 463 points. The Lions’ picks are worth 440 points. The difference is only 23 points or about a fourth-round pick in favor of the Lions. This falls chart falls in the middle of the other two.


Only time will truly tell how this works out but The Vikings did come out short in the trade. In averaging the three charts the Vikings gave up about the value of a 4th round pick more than they should have. In addition, the caliber of players they could have gotten at 12 included Jordan Davis and Kyle Hamilton.

It’s true that the Vikings were strapped for cash and needed to acquire more draft capital to fill holes but they essentially gave up value to move down.. They basically moved down 20 spots in the first to move up 12 spots in the second and get an additional third-round pick. That isn’t great value.