Vikings Trade Down Could Net Less

April 25, 2022

According to a report from ESPN’s Adam Schefter, there are several teams in the top half of the draft looking to trade down. This could potentially mean that a Vikings trade down could be less likely with the greater supply of trade partners.

Vikings Trade Down Could Net Less

Draft experts have speculated that a trade down to the Pittsburgh Steelers at #20 could be in the cards. Looking at the various draft trade charts it would cost the Steelers their #20, their second, and a late-round pick to move up to #12. With so many other teams looking to move down, it could mean that teams above the Vikings may be in reach for the Steelers to move up at a reasonable cost.

This could make it more likely that the Vikings stand pat at #12 and look to take the best player on the board. However, I think the Vikings are primed to move back because they have a number of holes on the roster to fill. Acquiring another second-round pick would be huge in the new regime’s process.

Trading Up Could Be Easier

It could lower the return for the Vikings in a trade-down scenario. It could also increase the chances they could move up. Teams above them are also looking to trade down the Vikings might be able to package a deal to move up more easily. The Vikings are no doubt eyeing top cornerback prospects Derek Stingley Jr. and Amhad “Sauce” Gardner. Many draft experts have both going just ahead of the Vikings in the top 10 of the NFL Draft.

The Vikings are set up to not have any immediate needs. They signed several veteran players in the off-season. Jesse Reed is the leading candidate to fill the RG spot. Jordan Hicks comes in to fill the OLB spot. Harrison Philips filled the role left open when Michael Pierce left. Chandon Sullivan was signed to add another starting-caliber CB to the roster.

The aging Patrick Peterson and Cam Dantzler are the other two CB on the roster that can start. So, CB is still a need for the Vikings. Center is also another spot that needs to be addressed.