Vikings Defensive Line Draft Guide

April 4, 2022

The Vikings defensive line draft options are few and far between in 2022. Yes, there are great interior linemen in 2022 NFL draft. However, it’s unlikely that one of them falls to the Vikings at the #12 overall pick. However, there are a few players that should be available to the Vikings that would be immediate upgrades.

Vikings Defensive Line Draft Guide

Jordan Davis, NT, Georgia

The Vikings already have Dalvin Tomlinson on the roster for 2022 but he’s a free agent at the end of the season. A stout, classic NT is essential to a 3-4 defense, and Jordan is unquestionably the best NT prospect in the draft. At six-foot-six and 342 pounds, he’s an imposing force in the middle of the line.

At Georgia, Davis faced the toughest competition in the SEC. He was double-teamed every play and still won most snaps. His size and power is unmatched by anyone in the draft. Even at the NFL he will demand double teams. Pat Williams and Jerry Ball played key roles being immovable objects for the Vikings, Davis could be even better.

However, Davis does have a few weaknesses. He doesn’t have a quick first step and plays too upright. He doesn’t do well disengaging and changing position. He’s a one-direction player, he has not shown the ability to make plays down the line. The draft community is mixed on Davis, some believe he’s a generational DT and others think he’s a back end of the first-round talent.

Travis Jones, NT, Connecticut

If the Vikings miss out on Davis or go with another position like cornerback, Jones is another option. Jones is projected to be drafted between rounds two and four. He’s not as big as Davis, but still has adequate size and strength to be an effective NT in the NFL.

Jones possesses more ability to rush the passer than Davis and can make plays down the line. He has power in his hands, opponents are often stunned by his initial punch. Scouts say that Jones has the potential to become significantly better in the NFL. At Connecticut, he was the one good player on the defense, yet still dominated.

Coming from Connecticut he didn’t face the competition that Davis did. The scouting reports vary greatly on his athletic ability. Some of the reports indicate he’s a great athlete at his size and others say he’s average.

DeMarvin Leal, DE, Texas A&M

Leal has an impressive combination of speed and power. He stands at six-foot-four and 284 pounds, a good but not ideal size for a 3-4 defensive end. He plays well against the run and in pass rush. However, he needs to develop more moves as he often loses when his first technique fails.

Leal is graded as a second-round pick by most scouts. That will make him a player the Vikings could be looking at with their second pick. Armon Watts was better in 2021 than expected but if they can upgrade a DE spot in the draft it would be a wise move.

Logan Hall, DE, Houston

Hall is a long DE prospect six-foot-six and 284 pounds who is more athletic than Leal. He projects to be a better pass rusher in the NFL than Leal as well. Though, with his height, may be a less stout run defender. Hall has a great first step and impressive motor in every play.

Hall has more upside overall than Leal. Each year Hall has improved some aspects of his game from understanding the game to his hand fighting and pass rush moves. He also has a chance to add more mass with the larger frame.