The Vikings Should Draft Matt Corral

April 1, 2022

The NFL is a quarterback’s league and there are few occasions when a team should pass on a franchise-changing QB. But the Vikings have Kirk Cousins, so why bother? The Vikings have many other more pressing needs, like cornerback and offensive line. The Vikings should draft Matt Corral because with the they can continue stability at QB for the next decade or more. Here’s why I think the Vikings should draft Matt Corral.

Corral Is The Most Complete QB In The Draft

When I say Corral is the most complete QB in the draft, I mean of all the QBs in the draft he checks all the boxes the best. He has good (not great arm talent), athleticism, leadership, accuracy, and pocket awareness. He’s not ideal size being six-foot-two and 212 pounds, but there are notable examples in recent years of great QBs that size or smaller, such as Russell Wilson, Lamar Jackson, and Drew Brees to name a few. Size has become less of a consideration and mobility and athleticism more of a consideration which is a positive in Corral’s favor.

Corral could also be a QB that can be a seamless transition from Cousins. One of Corral’s strengths is that he plays very well in a system that rewards on-schedule rhythm play that hits the first read with deadly accuracy. That also happens to be Cousins’ bread and butter. I also see Corral being able to develop into having similar arm talent that Cousins has and in fact on the field displays that to a degree already.

Corral Is A Mobile Gunslinger

Where Cousins and Corral differ is mobility and mentality. While you can go out to youtube and find clips where Cousins appears to make plays on his feet, that’s a rare occasion. Cousins is much more from the cloth of previous decades when it comes to pocket awareness and mobility. Corral by contrast will be among the best athletes at QB in the NFL and has great awareness in the pocket. Corral can make a big play on his feet when it appears nothing is there.

Mentality contrasts between the two as well. Cousins is much more the conservative player, less willing to throw into tight windows or take chances. Corral, on the other hand, sometimes has been criticized for being too careless with his throws. Corral is much more of a gunslinger than Cousins is and has had his decision-making questioned. Decision-making may be a knock-on Corral, he made notable improvements in 2022 in that department. Cousins is criticized for not being willing enough to throw the ball up for Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen and allowing them to make a play on the ball. That may be less of a complaint with Corral.

Make no mistake Corral isn’t as good as Cousins now, but given two seasons behind Cousin’s learning and gaining experience in the NFL could set Corral up to be the next starter at QB for the Vikings.

Cousins Can’t Play Forever

One attribute that has been great for the Vikings is that Cousins doesn’t have a notable injury history. However, Cousins will be 34 when the 2022 season starts and 36 by the time his current contract is up. Eventually, his durability will begin to give as he ages, we can’t know when that will happen. With Sean Mannion and Kellen Mond on the roster, there’s not a competent backup in the case Cousins gets injured.

Corral would immediately be the backup and would be better than their current options. So, drafting a QB now would provide some immediate value as well. The bottom line is the Vikings need to be looking for their future franchise QB. Cousins is clearly a family man who would not surprise me at all if he decided to retire before the point of him declining in the game. It might also happen that when his current contract is up, another one can’t be agreed upon. Corral could potentially be had later in the first round as well making him a great value at that point. No time is better than now to plan for both scenarios and draft Matt Corral.